About Emma

I'm an experienced acupuncturist and spent three years studying full time to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from the International College of Oriental Medicine , which is the longest established acupuncture college in the UK.  

The college is internationally renowned for its philosophical and practical application of Stems and Branches theory, in addition to the more common Five Element and Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture.  Stems and Branches philosophy is the oldest form of acupuncture theory and relates to the Heavens above us and the Time in which we live.  

I didn't fully appreciate the beauty or rarity of this particular form of acupuncture until after I'd graduated.  I do believe it allows me to help my patients heal at a much deeper level than by simply using points to treat a particular symptom.  For the patient, all that it means in reality is that I use fewer acupuncture points and thus fewer needles to bring about long-term improvements!

No matter how complex or long-standing a patient’s health and general life issues are, I will fully take note of all concerns.  All signs of wellness and ill health have relevance in acupuncture.  The magical thing about acupuncture is that I assess a patient without needing the specific "Western" medical diagnosis. I'm ultimately working with a patent's energy and not the diagnosis given by the NHS!

Although my acupuncture training was thorough I have had training subsequently for specific health issues including musculoskeletal pain, depression, digestive disorders and fertility and pregnancy.  I've also undergone training in Master Tung acupuncture, which again uses very few needles per treatment.

Above all else I'm also a normal human being! I've had my ups and downs with mental and physical health, like everybody else.  In fact it was the stressful lifestyle and development of Crohn's that ultimately drew me away from the Civil Service and veterinary world and into the fantastic world of acupuncture (and not to mention Yorkshire).

For over ten years, and before becoming an acupuncturist, I was a veterinary surgeon, first in small animal practice and then latterly as a disease control expert in the Civil Service in London.  The extensive (veterinary) medical knowledge (not to mention the stress and burnout) I acquired through being a vet, does enable me to understand a patient’s health concerns through both a “Western” medicine and a Chinese medicine perspective.

In our family we really do practice the art of Western medicine coming together and trying to understand East Asian medicine because I'm married to a GP! We have a beautiful daughter and a very decrepit Jack Russell that keep us both on our toes when we're not at work. 

My home and clinic is in beautiful surroundings on the outskirts of Darfield, conveniently located between Barnsley and Doncaster, near to the M1 and A1(M)  

Why not give me a call or drop me an email or text to see if I can help?